Review of British Airways A380 business class. Which seats are best, and what’s the food, service, and entertainment like?

We boarded through the upper deck jet bridge, where two of the three business class cabins are located. British Airways’ A380 layout is rather scattered, in my opinion, as they have first class on the lower deck, a business class cabin on the lower deck, and then two business class cabins on the upper deck. I wonder what made them decide to spread around the cabins like that (they do have nearly 100 business class seats on the plane, for what it’s worth).

I had assigned us seats 51J & 51K (since I’m oneworld Emerald we could select seats in advance for free —British Airways charges most passengers for advance seat assignments), which are in the second row of the upper deck. This is the same area of the plane where Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, etc., have their first class cabins.

Upon entering we turned left into the fairly intimate business class cabin, which featured just a handful of rows.

British Airways’ business class cabin on the upper deck is in a 2-3-2 configuration, which is fairly spacious compared to the lower deck configuration, which is 2-4-2.

Source: Review: British Airways Business Class A380 Los Angeles To London – One Mile at a Time