Trip Report: Read our easyJet Manchester to Amsterdam return review flying on an Airbus A320 with speedy boarding and extra leg room seats.

Our flight from Manchester was early morning, which meant getting picked up at 4.00 am to get to the Airport by 5.00 am.

Outbound Trip Details

  • Departure Date: 21st September 2016
  • Departure Airport: Manchester (MAN)
  • Departure Time: 07.00
  • Arrival Airport:  Amsterdam  Schiphol (AMS)
  • Aircraft: Airbus A320
  • Flight Nu­mber: EZY1831
  • Seat(s): 1F

Return Trip Details

  • Departure Date: 23rd September 2016
  • Departure Airport: Amsterdam  Schiphol (AMS)
  • Departure Time: 13.55
  • Arrival Airport:  Manchester (MAN)
  • Aircraft: Airbus A320
  • Flight Nu­mber: EZY1838
  • Seat(s): 5C

Check-In Manchester

We didn’t have any hold luggage to check in at Manchester Airport so once we were dropped off it was straight to passport control.

As always going through passport control and security at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 is a nightmare if you are not using the fast track lane.

We never seem to have any problems when using Terminal 2 or 3, but the staff in Terminal 1 seem to have two speeds which are slow and stop.

Check-in Amsterdam

On the return journey, we were travelling back with family members, so we decide to get to the Airport early to drop off our bags and have some drinks in one of Aspire Lounges.

Unfortunately, when we got to the check-in desk, a member of staff informed us that we could not check in our bags until two hours from our departure time. So instead of relaxing in one of the airport lounges we had to wait to drop off our hold luggage.

When we finally dropped off our luggage, we used the speedy check-in lanes, which we booked the previous day. In hindsight, this was a good idea as the queues for the easyJet check-in desks were long and it probably saved us thirty to forty minutes not having to wait in line.

Boarding Manchester

easyJet Manchester to Amsterdam

Boarding easyJet EZY1831 Gate 3B Manchester Airport

We left the Aspire Lounge early and took a quick walk around duty-free before waiting for the gate number to be confirmed.

Having established that 3B was our departure gate we decided to get to the gate early to avoid the crowds, which was a good idea as passengers were left queueing on the stairs down to the gate.

We waited at the gate for approximately twenty minutes while the rest of the passengers flowed into the crowded waiting area at the gate.

Speedy boarding enabled us to leave the gate and board the aircraft first, which allowed us to get our cases in the luggage compartment above our seats.

Although all our fellow passengers boarded the plane pretty quick, the flight did not leave the gate until 7.20 am and took off approximately thirty minutes late.

Boarding Amsterdam

easyjet manchester to amsterdam

easyJet A320 from Amsterdam to Manchester

Due to the Aspire Lounge at Amsterdam Airport being a good twenty-minute walk from the gate we left early and had a walk around the terminal waiting for our departure gate to be confirmed.

The entrance to the gate was down a flight of stairs, and by the time we got there passengers were already queueing, however, we managed to squeeze past due to speedy boarding cards.

After we had sat down, we realised that aircraft taking us back to Manchester had not arrived at the departure gate, in fact, it had not even landed yet!

Watching the remaining passengers herded like cattle into the boarding area, we then waited for the easyJet plane taking us back to Manchester to arrive.

By the time we finally boarded the aircraft and took off the flight was delayed by approximately forty-five minutes.

The Seat(s) & Cabin

easyjet manchester to amsterdam

easyJet EZY1831 A320 Seat 1F

The Airbus A320 configured aircraft we were flying on had 180 Economy Class seats.

In addition to the standard width of 18 inches and pitch of 29 inches, there were extra legroom seats available.

The additional cost with speedy boarding was £9.99 for seat 1F and £6.99 for 5C.

easyjet manchester to amsterdam

easyJet A320 Leg Room Seat 5C

We would recommend any of the seats on row 1 as you board the aircraft first and if you are only travelling with hand luggage, you have no problems with the overhead compartments.

Food and Drink Service

easyjet manchester to amsterdam

Two Glass of Prosecco and Box of Pringles

The in-flight menu choice was better than expected and the pricing no different to other short haul airlines.

330ml can of Coke £1.80.
330ml can of Becks £4.00 or 2 for £7.00
25cl of red or white wine £4.50

The cabin crew on the Amsterdam-bound flight were out of the blocks pretty quick and even had time to offer us another drink, however, the crew on the Manchester bound flight were slow. We just had enough time to finish our drinks before landing.

Staff and Cabin Crew

Couldn’t fault the easyJet staff and crew from Manchester, with quick boarding and drink service.
However, it was a different story from Amsterdam. Having to wait in the airport before we were allowed to check-in, our luggage was a pain and the crew on the flight were a bit slow with the drink service.

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EasyJet Manchester to Amsterdam Review Verdict

The trip met our expectations, however, having flown KLM in the past to Amsterdam; we would probably pay the extra for greater flexibility with KLM.