Restaurant Review: Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore

We decided to indulge ourselves and have a Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Singapore, in the hotel’s Colony Restaurant.

Having looked into the Sunday brunch offerings before leaving for Singapore, we decided on The Ritz-Carlton because of location and the variety of food on offer.

Restaurant Review Details

  • Date & Time: 15th January 2017 from 12.00 to 3.30pm
  • Restaurant Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Western and local dishes
  • Address: Colony Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore
  • Restaurant Website: Colony Restaurant


Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Glass of Moet & Chandon 2006 Grand Vintage

There were two choices on The Ritz-Carlton Sunday Brunch Menu for drinks.

For 138 SGD excluding taxes and service charges, you could have unlimited soft drinks and fruit flavoured sparkling mineral water, reducing to 94 SGD for a child aged 6-12 and 47 SGB for a child aged 3-5.

For adults wanting to enjoy unlimited drinks (like us), for 188 SGD excluding tax and service charges, the following was available: –

  • Moet & Chandon Vintage Blanc 2006
  • Moet & Chandon Vintage Rose 2006
  • Selection of cocktails and mocktails
  • House red and white wines
  • Draft beer
  • Soft drinks

Needless to say, we decided to go with the Moet & Chandon Vintage Blanc 2006, and the waiters kept topping us up for the full three and a half hours.


champagne sunday brunch at the ritz carlton singapore
One of The Colony’s Live Cooking Stations Conservatory Kitchens

There are seven conservatory kitchens at the Colony restaurant, with some offering ‘live cooking’ and an additional salad bar thrown in for the more health conscious.

The Salad Bar being the primary healthy option was the first port of call as we intended to take it slow and eat from all the stations if possible.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Black Forest Ham, Salad and Dressing from The Salad Bar

Unfortunately adding thousand island dressing didn’t help but there was a generous offering of salads, garnishes cold cuts of meat and canapes on display.

The Ice Bar had a selection of seafood including king crab, lobster claw, langoustine, scallops, prawns and mussels.

The oyster basket offered freshly shucked oyster on request, with an assortment of condiments including tartar, cocktail, Thai chilli and cognac sauces.

If that wasn’t enough choice, there was also sushi and sashimi including sliced salmon, akami tuna and swordfish.

The Grill and Rotisserie catered for western tastes with a carvery of roast beef, pork knuckle, salted crusted chicken with a selection of vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Roasted Pork Knuckle with Dauphinoise Potatoes

In additional to the western carvings the grill had a choice of fisherman’s catch of the day, colony style lobster, lamb casserole,  baby carrots, rustic country vegetables, dauphinoise potatoes and condiments.

The live stations included Flambe Foie Gras, local roast meats, chicken & beef satay and a selection of alternative dishes including spaghetti and penne pasta.

Sunday Brunch Ritz-Carlton Singapore
“Moet Chandon” Imperial Pork Ribs from The Wok

The Wok offered a limited selection of food, but the “Colony” fried rice was fantastic. The station had a choice of stir-fried and wok-fried prawns, “Sze Chuan” Chicken, braised crustaceans bee hoon, salted egg soft shell crab and double boiled sea treasure soup.

Restaurant Review: Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
“Colony” Fried Rice from The Wok

The Steam Basket with a selection of dumplings and noodle dishes, which looked appetising and was busy for a large proportion of the afternoon.

Restaurant Review: Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
The Steam Basket Station

By the time we got to The Tandoor Station which included a whole roasted lamb leg and an assortment of Indian cuisine, the food was getting the better of us.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Keeping it simple with Dum Biryani, onions and rice

Again, the selection of Indian food was not extensive but what was on display smelt and looked great.

The Patisserie had assorted pastries, cakes, tarts, ice cream and sorbet and a live pastry kitchen with chefs making crepe suzette.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
From The Patisserie Chocolate Ice with Hundreds and Thousands

There was also a selection of local desserts from Singapore, with ingredients such as coconut milk, gula melaka, pandan and tapioca.

The Fruit Stall had an assortment of chilled juices and selections of seasonal tropic fruits and berries.

And finally, there was a selection of cheeses, but unfortunately, neither of us had any room left to sample any of varieties on offer.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz Carlton Singapore
Selection of cheeses, bread and grapes


We booked our table online before we left the UK to ensure a table was reserved. Our tip would be to make a reservation, as we had a four-seater table which made the experience all the more comfortable.

The staff and the service were exceptional, and our waiter ensured our drinks remained topped up throughout the full three and a half hours we were at the restaurant.

Value for Money

Taking the service charge, taxes and currency exchange into account, the Sunday Brunch cost £260.00 (not including the tip), which is £130.00 per a head. Now that may sound expensive, but Sterling has fallen against most currency since Brexit.

In comparison, we had Sunday Brunch at The Slate in Phuket in May 2016 and Mosaic Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur in August 2015, and regarding price, The Ritz-Carlton was only £20.00 more expensive.

YouTube Review – Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Singapore

Verdict – Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Singapore

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