British Airways Business Class Review seated on the lower deck of a British Airways ageing 747-400 aircraft, from London Heathrow (LHR) to Las Vegas McCarran International (LAS).

This was our first international flight with British Airways for nearly twenty years. The last time was in economy, travelling with our then one-year-old daughter to Jakarta.

We were initially booked to travel with British Airways Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus). Having researched the seats on the 747-400 (old version of World Traveller Plus) we made the decision to upgrade. You can see why below.

British Airways Flight Details

  • Departure Date: 4th March 2015
  • Departure Airport: London Heathrow (LHR)
  • Departure Time: 16.00
  • Arrival Airport: Las Vegas McCarran International (LAS)
  • Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
  • Flight Nu­mber: BA275
  • Airline Class: Business (Club World)
  • Seat(s): 17A and 17B

Check In Experience

We actually checked in at Manchester Airport Terminal 3 as this was the starting point of our journey.

There were no problems checking in at Manchester for the internal flight to Heathrow. We quickly sped through passport control and off to the British Airways Terrace Lounge.

See our review of the British Airways Terrace Lounge at Manchester Airport.

When we arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5, the transfer through was quick so we relaxed in the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge before departure.

Boarding Experience

Boarding was quick and very well organised.  We were shown to our seats by a British Airways Crew Member and greeted with the choice of juice or champagne.

We both took the chilled glass of Taittinger option, as you can drink water and juice at breakfast.

The Elemis Amenity Kits were given to us by a crew member. There are two different kits, one for ladies and one for gentlemen.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for approximately forty minutes due to the unloading of a passenger’s bag. The person or persons in question were not even allowed to board the plane due to their inebriated state.

The Seat & Cabin

We were seated on the lower deck of the 747 and paid an additional fee to ensure we secured the remaining preferred seats of choice.

We decided on seats 17A/17B, which when reviewing online had a mixed bag of good and bad reviews.

The proximity to economy class seemed to be the main issue for bad online reviews but it didn’t cause us any problems.

The only problem we encountered was economy passengers walking past to help themselves to the Club Kitchen treats. British Airways decided to situate the Club Kitchen between World Traveller Plus and Club World on the lower deck.

We had read a lot online about British Airways 2-4-2 configuration and the front to back seating arrangement.

Personally, we both made the decision to sit on the aisle and not the middle seats both facing backwards in the middle section.

The cabin did feel as though it was time for a little TLC but with the seat converting into a fully flat-bed, we both had a comfortable flight.

Entertainment System

Each seat had its own personal 10.4-inch flat screen and you got noise-cancelling headphones.

There were plenty of film and television options available, however, the system is a little outdated and the screens had a grainy quality to them.

Food/Drink Experience

Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of the menu or the food on this flight (the concept of The Travel Reviewer was after this flight).

Having flown business class on other airlines, we both felt the presentation of our meals was excellent but the food served was very average.

The crew on the flight were efficient and friendly, they delivered a good level of service throughout the journey.

Additional Comments

We booked the flight before the concept of The Travel Reviewer, however, our British Airways Business Class experience has been one of the reasons why we are posting this review for you to see.

British Airways Business Class Review Verdict

British Airways are in the process (like many other airlines) of retiring its Boeing 747 aircraft, but our experience has been a positive one.

We except that there were faults with certain aspects of the business class (Club World) concept on the ageing 747’s but it has not put us off flying British Airways again.

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