Having been fortunate enough to travel to the Far East on many occasions from the UK with my family for over the last twenty years, I thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences through The Travel Reviewer Website.

I was hoping that my wife and I could start enjoying luxury travel without the kids in tow. The thought of travelling Economy Class on long-haul flights could be a distant memory and an enjoyable adventure for the both of us.

Unfortunately, my kids have decided that it’s not a bad idea to carry on accompanying their parents on holiday!

I’m not saying me, and my wife won’t fly Economy anymore, we do but only on short-haul flights in Europe.

However, after watching a whole series of US Masterchef flying Economy Class with Singapore Airlines in 2014 from Bali to Manchester Airport, I thought to myself I’m not doing this again.

So I’m not a journalist or member of the tourism industry, but a genuine person who is looking to give honest and uncomplicated travel reviews, accompanied by my wife and sometimes the kids tagging along (when flying long-haul and not sitting in economy class).

So what makes us different from other travel review sites?

Not a lot to be honest but I know when writing a review, it can become very subjective as people have their views and opinions. Someone’s disappointment can be another person’s outstanding experience.

So my reviews will be written with expectations in mind, i.e., staying in a 3-star hotel is going to be a different experience to a 5-star luxury hotel.

I will try to keep reviews to a simple standard format and not overload posts with meaningless dialogue. I will, however, have YouTube trip reports to enable you to see my experiences in videos and pictures.

There will be star ratings. However, an overall verdict will be given, with the following outcomes: –

Did not meet my/our expectations
Met my/our expectations 
◾Exceeded my/our expectations 

So what will you expect to find on The Travel Reviewer

A selection of reviews from the following categories: –

  • Airline Trip Reports
  • Airport Lounge Reviews
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews

External blogs

The site will post links to articles from national and international media websites, as well as other travel blogger’s websites.

Bloggers from other travel review sites may contain opinion(s) and view(s) that are not the views of The Travel Reviewer.

I hope you enjoy the site, and you share my/our travel reviews with family and friends.

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